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The Approach

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RJT Solutions LLC seeks to provide proactive and processed based recommendations to help organizations design, sustain, and replicate inclusive and equitable environments through workshops and speaking activations. 


RJT Solutions LLC  believes that in order to improve the conditions and outcomes of people within organizations there are four steps:


  • Collective Reflection: using spoken word as a medium, reflective practice on the issues that tend to lead to collective thought.  

  • Observation & Evaluation: using root cause analysis, practical applications of organizational change approaches.

  • Intervention & Assessment: specifically, using action based research in culturally responsive teaching, reality pedagogy, and organizational effectiveness

  • Reflection, Iteration & Repetition: finally, the review of interventions and assessment data will ultimately help an organization sustain its learning practice. 

Meet Ronald 

Born in New York City and a proud product of a strong performing arts high school, Ronald is an educator and spoken word artist passionate about making organizations healthy for all people.


An experienced professional in the K12 program design and evaluation space, in addition to the child development and tech safety spaces, Ronald graduated from Syracuse University in 2015 with a BA in Political Science and Policy Studies, with a minor in African American Studies as a Senior Class Marshall, Our Time Has Come Scholar, Coronat Scholar and Renee Crown Honors Program student. Through the Imagining America Engagement Fellowship and the Our Time Has Come Scholarship, Ronald earned an M.S.Ed. in History Education (7-12) from the Graduate School of Education at Syracuse in 2016. In 2021, Ronald earned an Ed.M. in Private School Leadership from Columbia University, Teachers College.

With experience working in New York City K12 education across public, private, and charter schools, Ronald has developed a keen sense in understanding how children learn best, what common blocks impact learning, and what common solutions, when amplified, have the most positive impacts on young people; particularly Black men and boys. Specifically, Ronald has experience working with boards and leveraging resources to drive interventions to support students through high stress, situations and circumstances as evidenced through his track record leading through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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